The return that one achieves from investing in cryptocurrency will indirectly depend on its adoption, which will be linked to potential use cases and public trust. We view cryptocurrencies today as a speculative investment in the adoption of cryptocurrency rather than a functioning currency. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, we think investors should consider the potential use cases of the coin or platform in which they are investing. The potential applications of cryptocurrencies have progressed beyond storage of value or a medium of exchange. Below are several use cases that investors might use to support investment in cryptocurrency: Broad adoption of cryptocurrency globally A hedge against debasement of fiat currencies Storage of value Facilitation of faster payments domestically and internationally Broad adoption of decentralized finance applications such as peer-to-peer lending, tokenization of assets and other applications Other use cases that are currently unknown. Consider that someone in the 1980s with a strong command of the Commodore 64 might not have considered that one day she’d be ordering an Uber from a smartphone.

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